Clients are a young couple with an 18 month old child.  He works part time and she is presently unemployed but is due to start a full time job in a few weeks time.  She has a history of depression and neither of them have been coping with their finances.

They live in a RSL property but decree for eviction for rent arrears has been granted.

The adviser established that they are not claiming all the benefits which they are entitled to, in particular housing benefit.  It would also appear that there are grounds to recall the decree due to the client’s health problems and that they didn’t appear in court and were not represented. 

The clients were referred internally for assistance to apply for Housing Benefit and request a backdated payment.  They were also referred to the council’s Homeless Department in case the recall is unsuccessful.

The adviser completed a budget with the clients and discussed the importance of prioritising their expenditure.  The budget showed that when she starts working they will be in a position to pay their ongoing rent and £25 per week towards the arrears.  This together with any backdated payment of housing benefit will stabilise the situation.

Recall of the decree was lodged and a hearing date set.  At the hearing the sheriff agreed to the recall and gave a continuation of 4 weeks to monitor payments.  At the subsequent hearing the cases was sisted.