Client lost his job 4 weeks ago. Client has depression which has worsened and caused him to miss work through drinking. Client has not coped with loss of job and has hidden himself away in his flat since and not spoken to anyone. Concerned friends eventually gained access and persuaded client to see his GP and to find out about claiming benefits. GP issued sick line for Depression. Client has had no money for a month and has nothing left to live on.

Discussed general benefit entitlement with client. Priority is to get him something quickly. Explained ESA and telephoned DWP for client to make phone claim. Client to make appointment when ESA50 received for help to complete. Client will make an on line application for Housing Benefit/ CTR. Telephoned SWF to make application for Crisis Grant. This will be responded to within 48 hours. Issued Food Parcel Referral Form for First Base requesting parcel for next 4 weeks as client has been without money for 4 weeks and benefit claims have yet to be made and processed. Client to return to bureau if he has any problems with HB claim.

Descriptors for PIP were also discussed with client and telephone application made for PIP.  Client advised to return for assistance with completing the PIP form when he has received it.

When client returned for assistance with completion of the PIP form, he advised that he had phoned HB to check progress of claim which he had made online and was advised that they had no record of his claim and would phone him back to make his claim but they have not contacted him.  The adviser contacted the HB department and it was established that they had tried to telephone him but he hadn’t answered as it was a withheld number.  The adviser agreed to help the client with another online claim as this would be a quicker way to get it progressed.

Adviser also assisted client with PIP claim.